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If there is a problem with the item we will do our best to rectify the fault asap.

We currently do not offer finance, sorry.

If you can’t see the item you require on this site please contact us. If we dont sell it we could point you in the right direction. After all, we’re here to help. 

Yes. We can arrange for a home demonstration at no obligation to buy. We can also arrange to collect you from home and bring you to our showroom then take you home afterwards.

Yes this is true.  However it only applies to class 3 vehicles. (6mph or above).  We can arrange all the relevant paperwork required and get you road legal*

*Only applies to vehicles purchased from ourselves. Vehicles purchased elsewhere will be liable to an admin charge of £6.00.

Sometimes the idea of saving a few pennies or pounds by buying on the internet can be appealing. We do not want to put you off but being a responsible company we think we have a responsibility to advise you of the potential questions that you should ask the supplier before you buy.

  • How will the product arrive? Will it come in a box and if so will you manage putting it together, connect batteries etc.
  • What will happen if the scooter arrives damaged?
  • How long has the supplier been in business? Do you trust them?
  • Will you be given a thorough demonstration of the product to make sure you know how to use it, how to take it apart, put it back together and maintain it. Remember if something is broken because you have not understood how to use the product, many companies will charge you to resolve the problem.
  • What is the response time for resolving breakdowns and how long will you be without your scooter?
  • Are they able to loan you a scooter in the event of a major breakdown?
  • There are many new products coming on the market from many new parts in the world. Is the manufacturer one that has a track record? In our years we have seen many come and go and getting hold of spare parts can be difficult?
  • Will they keep spare parts in themselves or will they need to get them from a supplier?

Just remember what might seem a bargain might not be and might cause you a lot of frustration along the way.

If you are having problems with your scooter/powerchair try these steps to see if it helps.

  • Are the batteries connected properly?
  • Is the scooter/powerchair in drive?
  • Does the powerchair/scooter bleep when you turn on?
  • Can you push the scooter/powerchair? If so it could be out of gear.
  • Is it fully charged with the battery charger disconnected?

If none of the above apply then please contact us